An Evening in December 2009 – milestone

The cast hit its first milestone today: the first full-cast run throughs. What’s so significant about this milestone?
It’s about the separate groups coming together for the first time this year. Prior to today, each group has worked separately during their own time slots. The actors, the kids, the adult choir, the youth and adult choreography team, and of course the elegant and dedicated dance companies all work separately during the week.

But today, all these groups met for the first time during the 6-hour full-cast run through.

There was the expected chaos, confusion, and cacophony. But we ran through the show twice, as planned.

John felt the actors were right on schedule with their characterizations. Let me just introduce a few today (and if I don’t mention you today, don’t get your shorts in a bunch.) The two child actors, Caleb Telander and Heather Plastow, will have the audience giggling at their inane stunts. Jeff Greenfield does his usual masterful turn with a key role. And all the actors believe that some major admiration must go to Laura Voska. The audience will fall in love with her lead role “Sara” as she draws them into her storyline.

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2 responses to “An Evening in December 2009 – milestone

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  2. Beth Conklin

    I love hearing that Laura is doing a bang-up job. I knew she would, but it’s very heartwarming to hear the news from objective sources. I can’t WAIT to go watch her in action each and every performance. She was born to perform!

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